Art at the Threshold is not-for-profit organization that seeks to seed, cultivate and facilitate art events that explore the polarized view of fundamental aspects of our lives that we so often hold. Wellness and illness, young and old age, man and woman, art and science, insider and outsider, rich and poor, life and death, are some of the common manifestations of this paradigm that inform and shape us as individuals and as a society. Through the artistic experience and interactions, Art at the Threshold seeks to offer opportunities for reevaluation and shifts in the way we view and live our life.

The threshold is a metaphor for a juncture where different realities can be observed, examined and experienced from a single vantage point. It provides a marked pause. It offers a moment of creative potential from which new understandings can grow, new perspectives can arise and new choices considered. The arts— visual, word, sound, movement, performance, culinary and ritual— provide a powerful lens and a rich ground for evoking the threshold experience..

Art at the Threshold provides a venue for bringing excellent performers, speakers and artists to Madison and for highlighting local ideas, talents and creations. It encourages collaborations among art related organizations as well as between them and other community organizations and businesses.

Art at the Threshold is a not for profit organization and is administered by Arts Wisconsin Support for Art at the Threshold comes from community and business sponsors, healthcare organizations, grants and gifts from local and national organizations, event revenues and individual donations..

EfratArt at the Threshold was initiated by Efrat Livny, Madison artist, body worker, and healer ( Efrat's life and work are guided by a strong trust in the regenerative powers of the soul, mind and body and the ability to find balance and harmony again and again through life's challenges, losses and miracles. She finds nourishment and inspiration in wisdom traditions and aesthetic expressions of many cultures and the great gifts of nature. She is grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement that "Art at the Threshold" has been receiving since its inception in late 2010.

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Upcoming Public Events, 2012–2014


sculptureThe Art of Living
and Dying

Coming in late 2013

Details coming soon.